Julie Vulcan

PROJECT:Redress #7″ June 13 @ 4-7pm Electrodes

The latest incarnation of the Redress series. It is a personal journey in which repeated motifs are explored as a means of transformation and transcendence. In this iteration, salt piles become the canvas for multiple facial imprints which, in turn, are transfigured. Personal signatures referencing blood, panic, cleansing and renewal are employed over long periods of time in an effort to digest and transform bigger complex issues. Each element and trace is carefully compiled and built upon to reveal a stylized installation work in the aftermath.

PANEL:Performative Ethnography & Site Specificity June 15 @ 2-4pm Society for the Arts

photos by Ana Wojak | www.julievulcan.net

Julie Vulcan (Australia) is a Sydney based artist whose practice spans performance, installation, site specific and durational work. Since 1993 she has created solo and collaborative works and been a core member of performance collectives SquidSilo, Unreasonable Adults, Frumpus and Icarus. Julie has toured nationally and internationally and recent works include Drift at the Festival of Live Art Melbourne & Metro Arts Brisbane 2014 (AUS); I Stand In at Performatorium 2014 (CAN) & at SPILL Festival of Performance 2013 (UK); Redress #6 at Exist-ence 5 International Performance Art Festival Brisbane 2013 (AUS).